• July 2017 - KRU starts construction on the first 1MW Facility Energy Crop based Biogas facility in Asia

  • August 2017 - KRU and Vsolar sign JV partnership to build, own and operate a 10MW facility located in Pahang Malaysia. Click Here for more info​ 

  • July 2018 - KRU Complete's it first 1MW facility in Asia located in Kelantan Malaysia and starts expansion to 3MW's in total power production

  • August 2018 - KRU secures award and support for an additional 360 MW's located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Click Here for more info

  • September 2018 - KRU Energy diversifies itself in separating farming and feed stock operations by forming a separate subsidiary, KRU Agro Asia. KRU Agro will now be the sole provider of all feed stock operations to all Biogas facilities located in Asia for KRU Energy.