As our energy plants biologically function like a ruminant animal, our energy crop, sorghum, can also be used to increase animal performance.  As the developer of the specific sorghum genetics we use, we completely understand the importance of digestive efficiency.  One of the advantages of using a dedicated crop for feedstock is the byproduct is an organic fertilizer that has a full profile of macro and micro plant nutrients, no waste!  Our goal is to use any excess feedstock production for feeding cattle, sheep or goats.  Since Southeast Asia imports 70% of its beef and 95% of its milk, cattle are the most interesting.  The difference in feed efficiency of these crops versus unfertilized tropical grasses will be significant.  We will be able to replicate performance of more advanced feeding operations around the world.  By constructing a feeding operation correctly, we will be able to capture the manure and feed it back into a digester, so we close the production loop.

The Future with Our Proprietary "Hybrid Energy Crop"