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KRU Energy was transformed by its 2 founders Theodore Krueger and Jason Yeo  in 2014 when the company moved its operations from Germany to Singapore. Not to long after its transformation to Singapore Bud Wylie and Dennis Tan joined forces with the group to form its initial founding partners in which they set their aim to tackle the Asian market of Biogas. Since then JCS Group/Venture have been the financial anchor for the company and provided all initial capital required to build, own and operate its first Biogas facility located in Malaysia. KRU is proud to be apart of the JCS Group of companies as its leading energy conglomerate with its support throughout the region in which it has built a reputation of over 30 years of operations.   

JCS group is a leading Singapore-based global advanced manufacturing company with diverse businesses in Renewable energy, Complex equipment, Aro-technology, Aerospace industry, Logistics industry, Medical device. They are headquarter in Singapore and subsidiaries in China, US, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

Unlike most private equity and venture capital firms, JCS Group is a venture builder that used its own capital and resources to grow its portfolio companies. In 2015, JCS Venture Lab was founded to drive the corporate incubation program with selected venture partners to co-create deep-tech startups based on Venture builder model.

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Understanding Our Proprietary "Energy Crop Cycle" 
"Combining the worlds of Energy and Agriculture"

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KRU Energy Asia Pte Ltd and KRU Energy Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Rangkaian Iltizam Sdn Bhd) (“KRU”) management team has devoted the past nine years in developing and building a complete process of anaerobic digestion, from the input of Energy Sorghum to the output and testing of the corresponding digestate. By fully understanding the process from all aspects, KRU is able to maximize the value of the total outputs while keeping the input cost at a minimum. With the foundation of anaerobic digestion KRU is poised to change how rural populated areas receive its power. KRU and its partners have developed and built over 40MW's of operational facilities throughout the world with an additional 500MW's in its current trajectory.


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